Review: Wolverine: First Class #2

Wolverine: First Class #2 coverWolverine: First Class #2
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Andrea Di Vito

This series continues to be a pleasant surprise, especially if you can transport your mind back to the ’80s while reading it.

Take the ‘Ninja Dojo’ restaurant — it may seem a little over the top now, but back at this point in the chronology, the X-Men had just visited Arcade’s clownish Murderworld (and would again in a few issues).

Sabretooth makes a terrific appearance and, again, this story does a good job evoking the simpler days of the X-Men.

Bottom line: if you’re a fan of the Claremont-Byrne and Claremont-Cockrum X-Men, this is a must read.

From Marvel: “The good news: Kitty’s managed to figure out Wolverine’s birthday and has arranged a surprise candlelight dinner with the love of his life, Mariko Yashida, as his present. The bad news: The reason Wolverine never tells anybody about his birthday is that every year on that date Sabretooth shows up to dice him into cutlets. And Kitty has put Mariko within Sabretooth’s grasp!” On sale April 23, 2008.

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16 years ago

I still haven’t got the second issue. But it’s neat that you are able to place which events this issues takes pace.

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