Review: Wolverine: Origins #24

Wolverine: Origins #24 coverWolverine: Origins #24
“The Deep End, Part 4”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Steve Dillon

I should’ve known.

The last few issues have been too good to last.

Daniel Way just couldn’t help himself, straying into pop psychology and the tedious and unnecessary psychoanalysis of Deadpool (and to a lesser degree Wolverine). What an original idea — an abusive alcoholic father who tells his son to shut up. Surely this trite cliche explains the insanity that is Deadpool.

And the reappearance of Daken seems to portend the continued return of the old days of ‘Wolverine: Origins’ — cheap melodrama and unrelenting cynicism.

From Marvel (Preview): “Wolverine and Deadpool have fought to a standstill and are now—literally—dead on their feet. Whose healing factor will reign supreme? And what horrible fate awaits the loser? The most over-the-top grudge match in recent memory continues!” On sale April 16, 2008.

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16 years ago

I know how you feel. Deadpool is a victim of inconsistent canon and huge plot holes. I think the only reason Deadpool gets away with it , is because he is a comic relief character , so no one takes him as serious as Wolverine. One of the biggest errors is Deadpool’s relationship with the villain T-Ray. In the first series T-Ray was hurt deeply by Deadpool , and according to some writers T-Ray is the real Wade Wilson. This confused a lot of fans and this is probably the reason the first long series of Deadpool failed. I really… Read more »

16 years ago

Actually you are wrong. Maybe you have some reasons to hate Way , but Dead Pool’s past isn’t his fault. If you had read Dead Pool’s original on going series, you would of known he had loads of issues growing up. Hell , even in Cable & Dead Pool , it mentioned Wade’s bad father relationship If you want to complain about something , then mention how Dead Pool has gone backwards since Cable & Dead Pool ended. The last issue showed Dead Pool a true hero , helping the Fantastic Four and Avengers solve a horrible crises . Now… Read more »

16 years ago

I stand corrected. Any chance you can supply a brief synopsis of Deadpool’s youth? And I don’t actually hate Daniel Way. The last few issues have shown he has tremendous talent as a writer. I simply disagree with his cynical portrayal of Wolverine’s past. Logan has been depicted as a sadist, a double-crosser and a dishonorable scrub. While I understand that Logan has done horrible things in his past, I always was of the opinion that he did the dirty work that had to be done — the dirty work that no one else wanted to do. And even in… Read more »

16 years ago

I agree with you. Wolverine is a good guy, whose been caught in a lot of BAD Situations. That’s what he’s always been and nothing and No one can change that. I should note that another website I look at have stop summarising Wolverine Orgins. Conisidence?

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