Review: Wolverine #64

Wolverine #64 coverWolverine #64
‘Get Mystique, Part 3’
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ron Garney

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney have really delivered a fun, smart run on ‘Wolverine’ so enjoy it while you can. They only have one more issue to go.

And I almost hate to say it yet again, but at some point the ramifications of Logan losing his immortality (‘Wolverine’ #61: “Next time I buy the farm, I buy it for keeps.”) have to be addressed. Sure one can argue that this issue came before that one, but, come on, that happened only three issues ago… in the same damn series!

That said, awesome final page.

From Marvel (preview): “Spinning out of the decade’s biggest X-Men event, Wolverine embarks on a personal mission to hunt down MYSTIQUE. But what do you do when the person you’re chasing, the person you’re dying to kill, chooses to hide behind an army of American soldiers? That’s the question Logan is asking himself, and the answer will be explosive. Plus, Wolvie pulls a bank heist in 1920s Kansas City, but all does not go according to plan.” On sale April 9, 2008.

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16 years ago

OMG. The Annual was the worst.

That made zero sense. I can’t accept those kind of issues. It just hurts my brain too much. Not even Deadpool would of survived that.

16 years ago

Who really knows what crap happened in Wolverine 61, I don’t even consider it to be canon , since the art was so butt ugly. I’m trying to pretend those issues didn’t exist .

Back in the Claremont days Logan could take a bullet and keep going. But the car explosion was a little over the top , even though it was kind of cool too. Personally I don’t have a problem with the super healing factor.

16 years ago

about Logan’s immortality, I tought it was because of a piece of his soul that was “installed” in Shingen’s soul to bring him to live again, Wolverine had to kill Shingen again to have his soul as a whole and at the end of the arc, Shingen wasn’t dead, so Wolverine still has his immortality

16 years ago

I thought that piece of Logan’s soul was ‘installed’ in Shogun, not Shingen. And Logan cut Shogun into briquettes at the end of “Wolverine’ #61. So the deal that Lazaer and Logan subsequently agree to — the one that unifies Logan’s soul and removes his immunity to death — should be valid.

16 years ago

I think the arc “Logan dies” wanted to explain Logan’s immortality and not remove it, and it works for me, except that sometimes it is exagerated.

16 years ago

I actually don’t mind it if works one way or the other. As long-time readers of my reviews (and rants) have probably noticed, it is inconsistency that really drives me nuts. If you are not going to alter Wolverine indestructability to some extent, then don’t toss around lines like, “Next time I buy the farm, I buy it for keeps.” And from his interview with Newsarama, even writer Marc Guggenheim states… I tried to suggest and establish in issue #48 that, when his body takes a pounding, his body recovers, but his spirit really suffers. I was trying to create… Read more »

16 years ago

Now I understand what you mean, years ago there was another concept for the healing factor, a concept that yes, there’s pain but because it heals really fast it doesn’t hurt that much. In Wolverine 174, he loses his healing factor and when he extend his claws he says “without my healin’ factor these claws are killing me”. For me this concept is much more LOGIC than the actual concept. In last issue Wolverine says that just extendind his claws and having a metal skull, it hurts like hell and the pain never finish, I hate it, I don’t find… Read more »

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