Review: Ultimates 3 #2

Ultimates 3 #2 coverUltimates 3 #2
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Joe Madureira

I know Jeph Loeb is considered to be a terrific writer.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any of his stories particularly compelling, be that ‘Wolverine’ or ‘Ultimates 3.’

The stock and trade of ‘Ultimates 3,’ for instance, are shocking events and reveals. And since I prefer strong dialogue and sharp interplay, this series just isn’t doing much for me.

As for Wolverine’s appearance, I won’t say much. But suffice it so say, appear he does.

From Marvel: “The Brotherhood vs. the Ultimates… Hawkeye vs. Spider-Man… the shocker of the year rocks on! Reeling from the sneak attack by Venom, the team has no time to recover—because the evil mutant team known as The Brotherhood has launched a full–scale assault on Tony Stark’s mansion! It’s Captain America vs. Sabretooth, Iron Man vs. Mystique… and Thor vs. Valkyrie? Plus: Which mega-popular character (nope, not Spidey) makes a surprise appearance on the last page?” On sale January 30, 2008.

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