Review: Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Marvel Zombies 2 #4 coverMarvel Zombies 2 #4
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Sean Phillips

This is so depressing.

‘Marvel Zombies’ used to be a funny, irreverent series.

Now it’s a morality play with unbelievably stupid plot devices and out-of-character actions.

It reminds me of M*A*S*H in the final seasons when, as an alleged comedy, it decided to pretentiously take on serious issues of the day.

From Marvel (Preview): “The Marvel Zombies sinister sequel delivers more mayhem, carnage, and destruction than you can shake a decapitated head at! The fate of what’s left of the human race hangs in the balance as the Civil War between the Marvel Zombies escalates.” On sale January 23, 2008.


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16 years ago

I am beginning to hate the book too. I missed the third issue and I don’t even care. Kirkman really let me down. The metal arm and leg Wolverine has , looks really silly. And Wolverine is drawn the worst . XD

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