Review: New Avengers Annual #2

New Avengers Annual #2 coverNew Avengers Annual #2
Writer: Brian Bendis
Penciler: Carlo Pagulayan; Inker: Jeff Huet

I’ve said this before and I’ll likely say it again. I really used to like this series.

The Hood storyline seemed like an honest attempt to shift the New Avengers into the real world of guns, crippling wounds and death.

But comic books being what they are (especially at Marvel right now where deaths and cataclysmic world events can be wiped away with ‘magic’), the real world of guns, crippling wounds and death failed to materialize. And because of it, I felt tremendously let down.

Though, the issue did feature a pretty funny Wolverine line, “Hungry.” Heh.

From Marvel (Preview): “Continuing directly from the pages of NEW AVENGERS #37: The Hood’s gang of super-criminals takes the fight right to the Avengers’ door!! Its wall-to-wall action and the end of an era for one Avenger and a major defection for another. This double-sized issue ties into or wraps up threads from Civil War, World War Hulk, both Avengers titles and the upcoming Secret Invasion!!” On sale January 30, 2008.

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16 years ago

This book has gotten better in my opinion. I enjoyed this issue and the issue that took place after this. I like Luke Cage and this feels like it’s mostly his comic. But I don’t mind the Spider Man and Wolverine guest appearances. They don’t hurt the comic in any way for me. I wonder if these events take place before Messiah Complex ? (It’s always fun to figure out continuity huh ?)

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