Review: X-Factor #26

X-Factor #26 coverX-Factor #26
“Messiah CompleX, Chapter 7”
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Scott Eaton
Inker: John Dell w/Andrew Hennessy

Sorry, sold out at my local comic store.

I’ll add a review as soon as I get a copy.

Update: And now I finally have the issue…

Interesting interplay between Wolverine and Warpath setting up the upcoming X-Force series that debuts in 2008.

But it is exactly this sort of editorial heavy handedness that has marred and cheapened this crossover.

Mandates from on high that attempt to impose ‘creative tension’ for future publishing efforts. Publishing efforts that will undoubtedly attempt to capitalize on yet another Wolverine-driven series.

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16 years ago

lol. “Wolverine Driven series ?” I have to admit the only reason I’m buying New Adventures and collecting the Messiah X series , is because of Wolvie. XD

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