Review: Wolverine #60

Wolverine #60Wolverine #60
“Logan Dies, Part 4 of 5”
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Howard Chaykin

I really enjoyed Howard Chaykin’s work during the 1980s. His Shadow run, while controversial, was a lot of fun. But 20 years later, his artwork is shockingly pedestrian. Logan looks exactly the same during World War I as he does in present day, and Chaykin’s over-reliance on hexagon patterns is beyond distracting.

Nor have I been a fan of this story (by Marc Guggenheim) from the start, what with a love interest created out of thin air for the sole purpose of killing her. And the oversized vents in a secret complex. Can’t we retire this cliche?

The tone is eerily reminiscent of Claremont and Miller from the 1980s. And not in a good way. Ninjas and inner dialogue galore, Wolverine calling women skirts, and even more ninjas.

All that said and done, the last page is a stunner.

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16 years ago

Yeah, I was shocked with the last page. I found it cheesy , but I’m interested in what happens next. lol

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