Previews: Upcoming Wolverine Comics (12/19/07)

A boatload of probable/possible Wolverine appearances scheduled to hit stores this Wednesday, 12/19/07:

-Wolverine: Origins #20 (Preview): “Our War, Part 5 of 5”
-Wolverine: Firebreak (Preview): Wolverine one-shot written by Mike Carey…
-New X-Men #45 (Cover/Details): “Messiah CompleX” Chapter 8…
-Marvel Holiday Special
(Preview): Wolverine confirmed for the holidays…
-Exiles #100 (Preview): Last issue of the series may feature a Wolverine flashback since he appeared so frequently throughout the run… (Update: No Wolverine)
-Ultimate X-Men #89 (Preview): Shadow King storyline begins…
-Marvel Adventures The Avengers #19 (Cover/Details): No Wolverine on the cover… (Update: No Wolverine inside either)
-What If: Civil War (Preview): Wolverine will probably cameo at the very least… (Update: Sold out at my store)

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