Review: New Avengers #37

Now that I have a little more space with the ‘Wolverine Files’ blog, I will begin to write slightly longer weekly reviews of each Wolverine appearance beginning with…

New Avengers #37New Avengers #37
“The Trust, Part Six”
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Leinil Yu

I used to like this series and the writings of Bendis.

But not anymore.

Bendis seems to be struggling to convince his readers that this current storyline is worthy of our attention and worthy of our praise. He seems to be genuinely surprised that no one cares about the Skrull invasion. What Bendis fails to realize, in my opinion, is that the revelation that Elektra was a Skrull does not and should not immediately lead everyone to believe that no one can be trusted and that a Skrull invasion is imminent.

Then there is the dialogue in this issue that leads me to believe that Bendis is either testing to see how much of parody of himself he can become before his readers drop this book, or he isn’t taking the task of writing New Avengers very seriously.

Case in point, here is some of the ‘dialogue’ he repeats throughout the 22 pages of this issue:

“Agh!” – 9 times
“Rraarrgg!” – 5 times
“Argh!” – 4 times
“Ow!” – 4 times
“Uh-huh.” – 4 times
“Ha!” – 3 times
“Dude!” – 3 times
“Whoa!” – 2 times

This used to be a premier book that I actively looked forward to each month, but Bendis’ obsession with Skrulls and cute dialogue has dropped this book to the bottom of my read pile.

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16 years ago

“Hey guys , I made Wolverine Laugh ” <— That was at least one good part of the book. xD Still I would like to know what is going on with the Hood. There has to be a reason to it all. Also I am hoping Spider-Man is kept in this title.

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