Wolverine Files Update IV (Sept 2006)

-Many thanks to Scott for his appreciation of my obsessive compulsive disorder:

“I love the site, have for some time. Your obsessive nature and hard work have improved my enjoyment in the hobby of comic collecting and Wolverine in general. Your site has inspired me to embark on the nigh impossible task of collecting all Wolverine’s appearances. I have a long way to go but it’s fun trying to add to my collection and not make the wife angry at the same time. Your site is by far the best on the web! And now that you’re working on the appearances list I had to send you an e-mail to remind you of that fact. I especially love the quotes and descriptions for each issue! Keep up the great work and if I ever get the chance I’ll put in a good word for you with Marvel!”

-Even more feedback, now from Chris:

“I really love your page. I’ve been a fan of Wolverine for quite awhile. I stopped reading comics a few years ago but I just got back into reading them last month. I’ve been reading random Wolverine comics but I’m a wee bit lost. Since you seem very knowledgeable of Wolverine, I was wondering if you could e-mail me a list of Wolverine comics in time order. In other words, I’m asking you, where do I start? Any help would be much appreciated.”

-More reader feedback, this time from Rich:

“I love your site, it’s excellent. I’m also an avid fan and especially love your ‘Wolverine Appearances’ updates. I’m curious if you have a complete and running ‘Wolverine Appearances list.’ I keep track to an extent but I’m lookng for a more accurate and complete list. If you have one, or know where to get one (beside the Anniversery issue), would you please let me know. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for a wonderful web site.”

-Reader feedback from Walter:

“I just found what I was looking for on the ‘net for quite some time now: a site totally dedicated to Wolvie AND, most important, updated to the latest news! I’m a new Wolvie fan and I didn’t know where to start, what to buy, which comics he’s in right now… sometimes I really get discouraged and confused. I believe this character is too overexposed, and now they’re trying to transform him in something more marketable (see the smoke issue…). I know I can’t have everything about Wolvie, but I’ll try and be content with the most important stuff about him ever published, and your work is absolutely priceless for me. Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job and I hope you keep on doing it forever!”

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