Wolverine Files Update III (June 2006)

-Reader comments from Wolfram Bane (great name!)

“I am impressed by the work that you have done on your Wolverine Files. It is very well detailed and researched, and is perhaps the finest compilation of Logan’s past I have read. I commend the work you have done, and I appreciate your attention to detail.”

-A barrage of reader comments!

“I was reading with great interest your ‘Wolverine files’, when I read, with excitement (from 000: The True Origins), ‘The strong separatist movement in Quebec even led Wein to consider making Wolverine French Canadian.’ Now, I would always kid around with other fans that I thought Wolverine might be secretly French-Canadian. You can imagine my surprise reading this bit above on your site. So I just thought I’d point out there could always be a chance that he is, depending which timeline you accept, which memories are real or not; there are quite a few French-Canadians with no accent, myself including. I just figure only a French-Canadian would be hard-headed like Wolverine is :) And maybe that’s why he likes picking on Gambit so much too lol. Keep up the good work, your website rocks!” –Jos Gagne

“Hey, great site! Keep up the good work chronicling Wolverine’s rather daunting history.” –Dustin Hall

“I was just going through the Wolverine Files. Excellent work.” – Charlie

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