Wolverine Files Update V (Oct 2006)

-From Isaac Valenzuela:

“I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job, and I can’t wait for you to complete this project. Wolverine is my favorite fictional character, and I love the fact that you’re making it so easy to be a truly knowledgeable fan. Just wanted to say, don’t give this up, and I’m rooting for Marvel to notice you.”

-From Coral McNabb:

“Some of your information is inaccurate or out of order. The Unofficial Wolverine Chronology has a much more detailed and accurate chronology.”

My response:

“The Unofficial Wolverine Chronology by Ronald Byrd is a great piece of research and highly recommended (really!). But it has not been updated since January 2003, and has some errors of its own (Logan’s time with the Devil’s Brigade, for instance, is placed during World War I instead of its historical context of World War II).

“The Wolverine Files was never intended as the sole Wolverine chronology on the web. It is merely my attempt to make sense of Wolverine’s convoluted background, an effort that I have worked on in various guises for over 20 years. If anyone disagrees with any of my assertions, I would be THRILLED to engage in an intelligent discourse, as shown by last week’s Wolverine News exchange with Michael Curtis Williams, now since added to 011: Team X Beginnings.”

-Michael Curtis Williams poses a great question about 011: Team X Beginnings:

“I just stumbled upon your site, and I’m thrilled to see such a detailed chronology of Wolverine. But I’m wondering where in Wolverine #65 did you see that the CIA was trying to create a new Silver Fox? I just reread that, and didn’t see it anywhere, and I’ve never gotten that interpretation before. If you can find exactly where that was, let me know, because I doubt that a fake Silver Fox could’ve gotten past Wolverine’s senses. What you were saying about her not remembering the same memories that Logan did (with the prom and everything) still seems conceivable to me since everyone’s memories were tampered with. If your theory is correct, it is clear that this new Silver Fox is a mutant (or she wouldn’t be affiliated with Team X or targeted by Shiva), so she may have shapeshifting powers (which might explain the tentacles in Cuba). Of course, I could be totally wrong about all this, but I’ve just never seen this interpretation before (and I can’t think of a reason for the CIA to create another Silver Fox, especially one with limited contact with Logan, and then let her become a terrorist). Let me know what other evidence that you have. Thanks, and keep up the good work.”

My response:

“The biggest issue I have with Silver Fox from the Team X era is that she is shown to have died undeniably some 50 years earlier. I find it highly unlikely (though not impossible) that this is the same Silver Fox. She was a normal Indian woman back in the 1910s, and the odds of having three unrelated mutants in the same mining town before mutants were even known to exist strains credulity. What was critical for Team X to exist was that Logan believe that Silver Fox was still alive, however briefly. This is the only thing that would allow him to work with Sabretooth. Since this is before Logan came to trust his animal senses (he was unaware that he was a mutant), I am hypothesizing that his handlers created another Silver Fox for the sole purpose of fooling Logan. Bear in mind that the Team X Silver Fox only makes a brief appearance during this era before disappearing. That Silver Fox from the Team X era has memories that include a prom seems to suggest that she is younger than the original Silver Fox. I freely admit that my explanation is completely unsupported in print, but I think this is a more plausible explanation.”

-Many thanks to Ken Arromdee for finding this obscure reference:

“At least on the Landau, Luckman, and Lake page, you left out the Devil’s Reign crossover: Ballistic/Wolverine and Wolverine/Witchblade from 1996. Unlike Witchblade/Wolverine (which takes place in one of those special crossover continuities where both series exist on the same world), in this crossover, the Top Cow universe is described as another dimension, and Wolverine is sent there by Landau, Luckman, and Lake. Zoe also appears. And it’s foreshadowed in the regular Witchblade book. I think this one is in continuity.”

As noted above, this has been added to 010: Landau, Luckman and Lake.

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