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The second Wolverine question-and-answer was destined to become the final Wolverine question-and-answer.

Question:X-Men #98 (Apr 1976) is stated as being the first issue that Wolverine is referred to as a mutant and that his claws are actually a part of his body and not just gloves. Can you tell me which issue first reveals Wolverine’s entire skeleton is laced with adamantium? And the first mention of Wolverine’s ‘healing factor’?” –Jude

Answer: X-Men #116 is the first time we learn of Wolverine’s unbreakable bones and fast healing…

John Byrne and Terry Austin, X-Men #116.
© and ™ by Marvel Characters, Inc.

…but it is not until X-Men #126 that we learn explicitly that his bones are laced with adamantium.

John Byrne and Terry Austin, X-Men #126.
© and ™ by Marvel Characters, Inc.

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15 years ago

Hi, First of all, this site is great! However, I was hoping you could answer something for me. Logan’s healing factor..Is there some ‘rule’ that explictly spells out how much damage he can heal from and how much of his body he actually needs to have in order to heal? The coming back from drop of blood or two comes to mind, and the recent story where Old man Logan basically lets a train turn his head into mush. This question comes from a strange source, I was wondering if there was a list or site that tallied up Logan’s… Read more »

15 years ago

I don’t believe Wolverine has been torn apart in the 616 universe. He does have a momentary flash of being torn apart by Ultimate Hulk as Ultimate Wolverine in the backup story of Wolverine #50.

As for Baal, he is a demon that appears in the Gehenna Stone Affair (Wolverine #11-16) and tries, but fails to rip Wolverine apart. This is also a storyline that references Logan’s possible connection to the warrior who defeated Baal thousands of years ago, but I think it is a tenuous connection at best.

15 years ago

Unlike ultimate Wolverine, 616 Logan should not be able to be ripped apart from his arms or torso right? It’s been said that Savage Hulk, Ba’al and Regular Hulk tried this already , but I’ve never know which issue this happened in. Since you are like the “god” of Wolverine knowledge, can you please list a few issues that backs up this Logan fact?

They said this is because his skeleton is bonded on a “molecular level”, what does this mean exactly?

15 years ago

There isn’t a rule as far as I can tell. As you noted, there is the classic moment from X-Men Annual #11 where Wolverine is resurrected from a single drop of blood. But there have been numerous other occasions where his healing factor has been rendered useless or powerless. That said, his healing factor seems to be much, much stronger now then at any point in the past, much to the detriment, IMHO, of his character. As for an injury list, I think I need to make more progress on the chronology before embarking on something like that. But I… Read more »

15 years ago

How many children does Logan have anyway? Besides Daken doesn’t he have one in the Savage Land?

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