Classic Wolverine Cover: Alpha Flight #13

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After a tremendous run of covers in 1982 and 1983, Wolverine hit a dry spell in 1984 and 1985. So I humbly present the only good Wolverine cover of 1984: Alpha Flight #13 by John Byrne (with inks possibly by Bill Sienkiewicz and/or Al Milgrom).

What’s even sadder is Wolverine’s appearance is only a dream. That said, I do enjoy how John Byrne uses elements within his artwork for editorial purposes, such as the gravestones for all the artists involved in this particular cover…

Wolverine Covers: Alpha Flight #13

After the jump is a selection of the worst Wolverine covers to hit newsstands in this era…

First up are two examples of the sort of love that Wolverine was receiving around this time. Note the wonderful depiction of the back of Wolverine’s head…

Uncanny X-Men #175 Uncanny X-Men Annual #7

Next are examples of the sort of crappy covers Wolverine had to endure when artists did deign to use the front of his mask…

Daredevil #196 cover X-Men vs. Micronauts #3 cover

And when the covers weren’t crappy, Wolverine was having his lunch handed to him by Spider-Man and Firestar.

I mean, come on. Firestar?!?

Secret Wars #3 cover Firestar #2 cover

Finally, even when Wolverine did get a little love, such as in the ‘Kitty Pryde and Wolverine’ miniseries, he was saddled with a series of horrendous covers by Allen Milgrom, such as the two below.

Curse you, Allen Milgrom!

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #5 cover Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6 cover

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Okay, that Daredevil cover is AWESOME.. despite the fact that Wolverine’s boots look like they’re about to impale his crotch. Okay I’m lying.
But why don’t you like his depiction on the Micronauts cover? The mask is kind of devilish looking but I don’t think it’s bad (unlike Wolvie’s arms on Kitty Pryde # 6 –are those Puck’s arms attached to Logan’s body?)


That cover DareDevil 196 was the first time DD and Wolverine met. The 2nd time would not be so friendly as DD, aked by the girlfriend,s killer (or his wife, I don’t remember exactly) tries to protect a killer who kills gifted mutants (gifted as musician or painter) while Wolverine tries to avoid more mutant killings. At the end DD will recognize his mistakes.


Well, seven out of eight ain’t bad!

As for the Micronauts cover, it just never worked for me. Michael Golden was such a dynamite artist at the time and that cover seemed so sub-par for him.


Did you notice that the claws look like they are coming out of wolvie’s palm on the DD cover?


We debated that Daredevil cover for weeks. It might be the worst Wolverine cover of the 80s, if not all time.


Wolverine’s hands are palm up in the Daredevil cover. The colorist on the issue messed up and colored his thumb the same color as the ripped part of the shirt. If you look in the E of the title logo part of DEVIL you will see his thumb there but miscolored.


Wow. How could I miss this?

That Daredevil cover is hysterical!!!

John Trumbull

I guarantee you that Bill Sienkiewicz and Al Milgrom had nothing to do with that Alpha Flight cover. It’s just John Byrne putting their names on the headstones as an in-joke.


Al Milgrom, such a gifted inker, such a crappy penciller. Can’t believe it took him and Marvel years to find out inking was his thing.