‘World War Hulks: Wolverine vs. Captain America’ #1 Open Thread

World War Hulks: Wolverine vs. Captain America #1 (preview)
Writer: Paul Tobin
Art: Jacopo Camagni

From Marvel: “You’ve seen what happens when you hulk out a hero…but what does Doc Samson’s deadly Cathexis ray do to a stone-cold killer? Or TWO?! In the aftermath of World War Hulk, Wolverine and Bucky Barnes, aka the NEW Captain America, are off the chain and out of control. It’s claws against a soldier’s instinct in a battle destined to prove which of these two WW2 vets is REALLY the best there is at what they do!”

On sale July 14, 2010.

World War Hulks: A great idea or a great idea gone bad?

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.


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13 years ago

The fight between Bucky-Hulk and Wolverine-Hulk is much as expected .

A very bizarre flashback to a Fonzie-Wolverine with claws in what looks like the 1950s is not.

Oh, and if the Leader became smart due to gamma rays, then why are all the heroes dumb when they get hit with the ray? Should we see a little bit of diversity?

What say everyone else?

13 years ago

It was pointless though I’m glad that Wolverine is being shown as the ‘good guy’ against Cap. The whole flashback sequence is unneeded, we already knew that Logan had a grudge against Bucky. It’s just an attempt to add a little story and characterization to a completely flat plot, but it doesn’t really work. I’d have been happy if they had left Wolverine out of the whole WWHs series all together.

13 years ago

I have to agree on this one. I was never a fan of the Red Hulk, so I have to say that I could live without reading this book.

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