‘X-Men: Second Coming’ #2 Open Thread: Epilogue

X-Men: Second Coming #2 (preview)
Writers: Zeb Wells, Mike Carey, Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, Matt Fraction
Art: Ibraim Roberson, Esad Ribic, Greg Land & Jay Leisten, Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

From Marvel: “The end is here. Sacrifices have been made. The most dangerous and successful attempt at the extermination of mutants is upon us. Who will walk away?”

On sale July 14, 2010.

‘Second Coming’, Epilogue: Surprising ramifications or just a big yanw?

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.





I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand I am shocked by the outpouring of grief for Cable in comparison to that shown for Nightcrawler. Cable receives a state funeral while Nightcrawler is merely a sad occasion. And yet the ostracizing of Wolverine by fellow X-Men because of his wanton killing I found to be refreshingly realistic. It seems there may be true ramification for his actions in the Marvel Universe that I think desperately need to be explored. And the set up for X-Force v.2 is quite intriguing — though I could do without Deadpool. So all… Read more »


I agree with you. I felt like the fight itself could have been cut a lot shorter and they could have dwelt on this stuff (including Nightcrawler’s funeral). At least the last page gave me something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.


I didn’t really care for it. It wasn’t a story, just a bunch of setups for the next series, there was no real purpose for it. It was just meant to be a way to get some buzz going for the new series that are spinning out of the story. It’s kind of like buying a t-shirt with a corporate logo on it. You’re paying to be advertised to.

Plus I’m already getting tired and annoyed with Hope.


“Already”? Yeah. Hope’s been bugging me since the first time she showed her face during Messiah Complex. Scott’s faith in her is too irrational, and the more she’s around the more she feels like a Mary Sue character.


Like always I disagree with everybody on the site. Here are my two cents: First and foremost the so called neglect of Nightcrawler is complete and utter crap. Nightcrawler had a entire comic book issue dedicated to his death. Hope was treated like harshly by other X-Men and there were X-Men who blamed her for his death. If you had perhaps mentioned that girl who could use Doors as teleportation devices (Yeah forgot about her didn’t ya? The one who got blown up in the car with Wolverine and X-23) then maybe I would of been lenient with ya. I… Read more »

hmm, i think you missed a couple of points deadzpoolz..

i think what most of them said about nightcrawler’s neglect was how the x-men handled his death..not how it was neglected by writer’s. Do you remember them leaving him where he was and just covering him with a white cloth?

no one in this site said that wolverine was a bad guy for doing those things, you’re disagreeing with the view of the other characters..

oh, and i liked second coming too..i don’t think anyone here really said that it was a bad event.


you know i liked the entire thing it sucked that nightcrawler died but i do disagree respectfully with many fans who are really upset at the editers and writers handling the x-line, sure its not perfect but the whole storyline was good and i kind of kike hope not being fully reavealed, plus X-force was great and i side with Logan that it does need to continue. i cant wait to see where they take the X-Men Next


Deadzpoolz: I’ve been struggling with how to respond to your comments. On the one hand, I want to disagree with equal vehemence and overreactions point by point and on the other, I want to dissuade you of your opinions of the audience here in a calm and rational way. We get a lot of people on this site everyday — and most of them don’t comment at all. It is the reason I’ve tried adding more Open Threads. I WANT to hear more opinions on the latest Wolverine titles. I WANT to hear differing opinions. I WANT fans of Wolverine… Read more »


I have no real comments in regards to the way they handled the deaths of Nightcrawler and Cable except for saying one thing. Nightcrawler’s death took place in the middle of everything going to hell and the knowledge that Bastion was coming at them with everything he could throw. Cable’s came after the war was over with. Nightcrawler’s funeral took place hastily because they didn’t have the time to put towards it like they did with Cable’s. As for the whole thing about the reaction to how people will take Wolverine and X-Force being proactive in their actions and people… Read more »


and X-23 is the one who gets the boot from Utopia for being a part of it all.

Laura isn’t getting the boot. She’s being set free.

Personally, I don’t see how X-Force makes Logan an animal as the story implies. As has already been pointed out: this is pretty much what he’s always done.


Considering that I did reviews for quite a while (and certainly might go back to it when I get a bit more time post-Dragon*Con once I’m done vendoring) I know all about differing opinions. I have had plenty of people very vehemently object to everything that I have said. Everyone has their own thoughts about stories and it is good when people like what was going on. For myself, I didn’t hate Second Coming, I didn’t even dislike it. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I keep up with the news for comics so I already knew where… Read more »