And the Rest: Blind Science & Emma Frost

Two single-panel cameos round out the Wolverine appearances for the week…

X-Men: Blind Science #1 (preview)
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art: Paul Davidson and Francis Portela

From Marvel: “The X-Men are on the ropes, barely dodging a foe whose master plan has them fighting to survive. Discovering some suspicious activity just off the coast of their refuge, Utopia, the X-Men send their best and brightest to investigate, hoping to discover just what Bastion is plotting. However, the X-Club is in for more than they bargained for: namely, a trap designed just for them. Thrown into a war even worse than the one they’re coming from, the X-Club is left to wonder: How do they get back to the X-Men? And just how do they figure into Bastion’s master plan?”

In stores May 26, 2010.




X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1 (preview)
Writer: Valerie D’Orazio
Pencils: Karl Moline
Inks: Rick Magyar

From Marvel: “Witness the birth of the White Queen! From the mousy girl from a rich New England family, to the rich and terrifying queen of a secret society to the leader of the X-Men, Emma has cut a powerful swath through the Marvel Universe. See her rise to power in this one-shot by up-and-comer Valerie D’Orazio and Karl Moline (LONERS, Buffy)!”

In stores May 26, 2010.


Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments below on any other Wolverine appearances from the week that we may have missed…


Finally, here is the sole probable/possible Wolverine appearance for the upcoming week (6/03/10), out Thursday due to the holiday…

X-Campus #1 (preview): All-New X-Men, European-style

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