Wolverine Weapon X #13 Open Thread

Wolverine Weapon X #13 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Ron Garney

From Marvel: “The time-bending saga of the all-new Deathlok continues as Wolverine and Captain America fight for their lives against an army of cyborg assassins. Outnumbered and outgunned, our heroes turn to desperate measures but learn the hard way that when you tamper with the time stream, you better be ready to expect the unexpected.”

On sale May 26, 2010.

What do you think of this time-traveling Wolverine saga? Too much of a ‘Terminator’ retread or just the right blend of homage?

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.


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14 years ago

I like Jason Aaron as a Wolverine writer.

And I am thoroughly enjoying his ‘Astonishing’ run.

But this issue is simply another retread of the ‘Terminator’ saga with superheroes and Deathlok robots.

Tracking down the scientist responsible? That’s ‘Terminator 2’.

Two more issue of this storyline, then we get to the issue I am really waiting for, Wolverine dealing with Nightcrawler’s death.

14 years ago

This storyline is refreshingly good. Time travel aside (it may not be what it was), it is a great Wolverine story. I feel your pain for Kurt, but you can’t let that alter your perception. You’re coming off like Scott.

14 years ago


If I was coming off like Scott, I wouldn’t be looking forward to the Nightcrawler issue!

I’ll grant you the Spider-Man sequences are very well done (in fact, I would love to see Aaron writing more Spider-Man), but seriously, this doesn’t feel like retread of Terminator/Terminator 2 with superheroes and Deathloks?

14 years ago

i actually think this has been a good read..the entire wolverine weapon x run is actually good..

i agree with mike mardell, even if this comes of as terminator-ish, i think it’s written well and it’s not forced. plus it’s not like they’re pretending that it’s an original story.

14 years ago

eh I’d kinda have to side with DiG.. I’ve loved this series so far but this story is so blatently terminator that I feel like I dont need to read it to know what happens next. I saw the terminator movies already. Though I will say epic beard Wolverine gave me a laugh :D

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