Wolverine #900 Open Thread: The Eight Tales of Wolverine

Wolverine #900 (preview)
Plot: C.B. Cebulski and David Finch
Script: James Asmus
Pencils: David Finch
Inks: Danny Miki

“The Curse of the Yellow Claw”
Writer: Dean Motter
Artist: Greg Scott

“Desperate Measures”
Writer: Todd Dezago
Art: Jason Craig

From Marvel: “X-Man. Avenger. Soldier. And that’s just the HALF of it. In this atomic-sized special, superstar David Finch leads a platoon of comic’s most talented creators in giving the Canadian killer a 21-gun salute. Ninjas, bar-room brawls, Morlocks and pirates (yes, PIRATES!): this issue sees the most marvelous mutant of all put through the paces. And if five-all new tales of Snikt-tastic action wasn’t enough, there’s classic reprints featuring some of Logan’s greatest hits!”

On sale May 12, 2010.

Three new tales, three digital comic exclusive reprints and two backup story reprints. All in all, a pretty good deal for $4.99…

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.

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14 years ago

The first three tales are the only genuinely new material in the book, though we do get to see three stories that had previously been available only as Marvel Digital Exclusives, so that is a big plus.

But perhaps most ironic is that one of the two true reprints in this book is the best of them all — the Wolverine/Spider-Man drinking adventure that comes the closest to being a true Wolverine classic.

14 years ago

the first story was pretty much wolverine contemplating while killing a bunch of ninjas again..

i thought the black dragon thing could have been better. it read like a noir issue for me..

the one with morlocks was like a for all ages story.

the spider-man/wolverine story was great for me..too bad i read it before reading the astonishing wolverine/spider-man #1..really very different issues..

the last one was like one of those nuff said issues from the early 2000s..but i did like the art..

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