Wolverine Week-2-in-Review: Psylocke Rocks

Jrpbsp starts off Wolverine Week 2: 2010, with a rousing review of the penultimate issue of ‘Uncanny X-Men: First Class’ (details).

Make sure not to miss ‘Psylocke’ #3 (preview) as the mini series kicks into high gear with a fascinating Wolverine appearance that delves into his vendetta against Matsu’o Tsuraya over the death of Mariko…

‘Nation X’ #2 (preview) features a brief one-page Wolverine cameo in the Gambit short story, ‘Cajun Justice!’…

…and Wolverine has an even briefer cameo in flashback form in X-Men Forever #15 (preview)…

…finally I should note that ‘Wolverine’ does appear in the kids comic Marvel Super Hero Squad #1 (preview)…

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14 years ago

I just added Chrome on my computer! Now this site is looking all funky. Almost like it is all offset. This is just nuts! Looking at it in Firefox everything is normal. Anyone else having this problem? Oh well. I still liked the read. :)

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