‘New Mutants’ #6 Review: Dead Reckoning

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… Starting to play catch up now that I am back. Starting with ‘New Mutants’.  Hope you enjoy it.

New Mutants #6 (preview)
Writer: Zeb Wells
Penciler: Diogenes Neves

NOTE: Wolverine does not appear in this issue.


RECAP: The issue opens with Professor Xavier talking to Danger. He wants to take a hand in helping out his son, David Haller, but Danger forbids it until Legion’s treatment is finished. The Professor is feeling depressed but perks up when the New Mutants come to visit. He embraces his not so young students as we see Doug watching from the window.

Ramsey reads the nice scene a bit differently with his ability to read languages now working on body language. On the surface, however, it is a touching reunion between the one time students and their teacher. While Doug is watching he is contacted by Warlock, which disturbs the techno-organic mutant, but he resolves to finish his mission and kill Amara.

The New Mutants return to their quarters and Magma goes to her room to change out of her uniform. Ramsey appears and distracts her long enough to beat Amara down with a club. He hauls the severely wounded woman out to the common area to confront the rest of his former teammates.

Although they are surprised at his return to life, the group wastes no time in attacking. Unfortunately, his ability to read their body languages allows Doug the advantage and he manages to avoid all the attacks and take down Magik. Another round of attacks proves to be useless until Karma possesses her friends and makes them unpredictable.

Their strikes begin to land and Sam is able to knock Doug out of the window. Roberto goes to help Amara but is unable to call for medical assistance. Warlock appears cradling Ramsey and demands answers. Warlock tries to access and correct Doug’s code but is infected himself. In the end Ramsey tears off Warlock’s head and shows it to the rest of them.

MY TAKE: While I am not completely sold on the Necrosha crossover, or the New Mutants role in it, I did still enjoy the issue. There was some very good character interaction, especially towards the beginning, and it was nice to finally see Xavier and the New Mutants getting together again. Xavier did form the team and it has been a long time since we have seen them interacting. The almost parental tone was a nice touch as well. The Professor was definitely like a father to the young mutants.

Doug was the glue for the issue, however. He was never a character that I really cared for during the initial run but this new take has a great deal of potential. Increasing his ability in combat helps, especially since it is a nice logical extension of his powers. But more then that, his ability to see beyond the surface adds a whole new layer to the character interactions and has some great story possibilities. The conversation between Xavier and his students was enough to illustrate that.

Most of the rest of the characters had a moment or two but did not get as much time to shine. I did like they way they used Karma’s power to foil Doug, that was both smart and original. Warlock’s return was done well and, aside from the unlikely timing, it felt pretty organic. Having him as a foil to the Techno-Organic virus should provide a believable way to save mutants from Selene’s control and it is definitely nice to have him back in the group. I am more excited about his return then Ramsey’s.

The plot is pretty simple and comes straight from the Necrosha one shot that came out at the same time. While you do not have to read Necrosha to understand what is happening here, it definitely does not make as much sense without that issue. I never like having to have knowledge of one issue to follow another especially when they are not part of the same series. This is even worse when they come out in the same week.

In the end this was another strong issue with amazing writing but is not without some flaws. It seems to be a bit confined by the requirement to fit inside a larger story. It also suffered from having Doug be both the antagonist and the narrator. While his return does merit some extra attention, seeing parts the story through his eyes limits the rest of the team’s involvement. Even with the limitations, it is well written and effective with some great character moments and true drama. I would prefer that this title stay on its own rather then try and cross over but this is still an excellent start to a new story arc.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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