Wolverine Week-24-in-Review: All Hail Jason Aaron!

Wolverine appeared in FOUR TITLES this past week (June 10, 2009) and once again, our very own jrpbsp writes up a series of extensive recaps and reviews…

I usually share my curmudgeonly impressions for the rest of the Wolverine docket at this point, but the only remaining comic this week, Amazing Spider-Man #597 (preview), is a Dark Wolverine appearance. So let me simply add that the two-part “A Mile in My Moccasins”  by Jason Aaron in Wolverine #73 and #74 is the high point of the month for me. Simply a wonderful take on Wolverine’s countless appearances with a poignancy that ‘Wolverine: Origins’ could sorely use.

TV Update: Friday night featured a brand new ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ episode, “eXcessive Force”, dealing with Mr. Sinister (episode details)…

Comic Strip Update: Wolverine continues his guest starring role in the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ comic strip. We pick up with Monday’s appearance in the Houston Chronicle, though the storyline started June 1st…

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14 years ago

Yeah. Jason Aaron is my current favorite Wolverine writer at the moment.

14 years ago

Yeah, “A Mile in My Moccasins” was the story of the month, at least we have the chance to see the human side of Logan (by the way a felt something similar in Uncanny X-Men’s last issues).

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