Wolverine Week-21-in-Review: ‘Wolverine’ Passes ‘X-Men’

We begin the week-in-review with the Friday box office update (I’ll catch up with the rest of the weekend totals on Tuesday) that pushes the ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ domestic total to $157.4 million. That makes ‘Wolverine’ the #160th domestic grossing film of all time, slashing past ‘X-Men’, ‘The Mummy’, and ‘Fantastic Four’.

Up next? ‘The Longest Yard’, ‘The Firm’ and ‘The Sting’.

The overseas box office has also been updated, upping the worldwide total to $302.4 million. That positions ‘Wolverine’ as the #188th grossing film of all time worldwide, just ahead of ‘Rocky IV’, ‘Superman’ and ‘X-Men.

‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ returned this week with a new episode, “Future X’, and Marvel.com has all the details

As for comics this week (May 20, 2009), Wolverine appeared in ELEVEN TITLES.

That puts Wolverine in THIRTY-NINE COMICS over the past five weeks, not including variant covers — way too many if you ask me.

Many thanks to Jrpbsp and Brian Knippenberg who have written up extensive recaps and reviews for…

As usual, I will give my impressions for the rest of the Wolverine docket…

Wolverine Noir #2 coverWolverine Noir #2 (details | thread)
“Alley Cats”
Writer: Stuart Moore
Artist: C.P. Smith

I am not a fan of the Noir series Marvel has been putting out and this one is no exception. Sure the visuals are impressive, but the story is overly murky and confusing for no reason other than to be noir…

Timestorm 2009/2099 #2 (preview | thread)
Writer: Brian Reed
Pencilers: Eric Battle & R.B. Silva
Inkers: Andrew Hennessy & Vicente Cifuentes

Wolverine gets to battle an army of Hulks from 2099. As Wolverine notes, “How come my futures always stink?” Good line and a pretty good issue especially if you enjoyed the 2099 universe way back when…

Captain America #50 (preview)
“Days Gone By”
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Pencils: Luke Ross
Inks: Rick Magyar & Luke Ross

Wolverine has a terrific cameo is this wonderful run by Ed Brubaker. I can can only dream what ‘Wolverine: Origins’ would have been like in Brubaker’s deft hands…

Agents of Atlas #5 (preview | thread)
“Taking the Fall”
Writer: Jeff Parker
Penciler: Carlo Pagulayan
Inker: Jason Paz

SPECIAL DIG PLOT SUMMARY: Agents of Atlas pretend to be villains to hoodwink Norman Osborn, incurring the wrath of the New Avengers.

A fairly weak premise. That is until the robot M-11 realizes that Wolverine is the same secret agent they met back in 1958 and burns all the flesh off of his arm.

Skull Kill Krew #2 (preview | thread)
“Apocalypse Cow”
Writer: Adam Felber
Penciler: Mark Robinson and Rob DiSalvo
Inker: Mark Robinson and Mike Getty

I have no idea why the hell this comic is being published (I know, I know. Grant Morrison/Mark Millar miniseries back in 1995 based on humans eating Skrull-burgers from the Skrull cows of Fantastic Four #2. Blah, blah, blah).

Regardless, someone claiming to be Wolverine appears wearing little more than a kinky rodeo harness, claiming to be undercover in a reverse rodeo (don’t ask and I won’t tell) to catch some non-cow Skrulls.


If this is a real Wolverine appearance, then Marvel has officially jumped the shark, or in this case, the cow.

Planet Skaar Prologue #1 (preview)
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Dan Panosian

Wolverine cameos in only one panel. For Wolverine completists only.

Marvel Adventures the Avengers #36 (preview)
“Which Wish”
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Jacopo Camagni

An especially weak outing involving a Hulk-hating genie who is freed by Tigra.

A shame as the last issue was actually pretty good.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below OR join in on the fun in the Wolverine Files Forums

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14 years ago

“I can can only dream what ‘Wolverine: Origins’ would have been like in Brubaker’s deft hands…”
So can we all. Thanks for the reviews.

Glenn Selser
14 years ago

Yeah Brubaker would do a awesome Wolverine. Maybe when he is finished with Daredevil and Capt he might try wolverine

14 years ago

It sounds interesting, I didn’t know Wolverine appeared in Captain America #50.

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