Fantastic Force #2 Review: The Enemy Revealed

Hey, everyone… Here is the third and final review for the week. Last up is Fantastic Force #2 featuring the future version of Logan as the Hooded Man. Hope you enjoy it.

Fantastic Force #2 cover Fantastic Force #2
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Writer: Joe Ahearne
Pencilers: Steve Kurth
Inkers: Serge LaPointe


RECAP: The issue opens with the newly christened Fantastic Force falling from their perch on the Statue of Liberty with Lightwave taking a gamma blast from the Harpy on the way down. Psionics manages to arrest their fall and goes on the attack but is blasted out of the sky.

The Harpy knocks down more of the Statue and snatches up Banner Jr who is convinced she is his mother. In a neat bit of team work, Logan manages to save Psionics from the falling debris. She grabs her father and makes for the nearest hospital ignoring the long queue of waiting patients. This triggers a confrontation with Alyssa Moy who does not believe they should be treated differently then the refugees but in the end she does not press too hard.

Next it flashes to Banner Jr and Harpy as they go to the Baxter building which has been renamed the Castle building by its lone tenant. There the Harpy completely imprints herself on Banner Jr instilling complete loyalty in the gamma-powered young man.

While Lightwave is being tended too, Ultron, Logan and Natalie X do some research on the Harpy. Logan does not remember anything beyond the fact that she is dead. Their history lesson is interrupted by Banner’s return. He is in full rage mode and rips off Ultron’s arm when he tries to stop him. His berserker mind proves to be immune to to Natalie X’s power and Logan refuses to fight back being proud of the rage his son is showing.

In order to save Logan, Natalie X goes into his mind and triggers the berserker. He and Banner fight until Psionics arrives and smashes their heads together knocking them both out. Ultron is cut in two by a blast from Harpy but Lightwave uses the same technique that saves him to remove her gamma powers. The roof then rips off revealing Harpy’s s sisters, the rest of the Hysteries in the form of Polaris, Scarlett Witch and Dark Phoenix.

MY TAKE:  This was another strong issue although it is starting to feel a little bit rushed. But then since it was reduced from five issues to four after the first one I can see how they are trying to cram too much into each issue. Even with that the characters all managed to keep a unique and consistent voice and the plot is still interesting and flowing very well.

There are plenty of good moments in this issue specifically with Logan. From the way he saves Psionics by digging in his claws and making himself into a human bridge to the ‘My boy’ before Banner throws him through a wall. But everyone gets at least one or two good character moments and you understand and even relate to their actions. Banner in particular continues to be an extremely interesting character caught between his mind and his savage nature.

What is more, even the faceless masses have a sort of voice to them and they react very realistically. They do not go from starving refugees to happy homemakers overnight. They still live in tents with no water, they either eat too much or not enough. And they resent the super heroes that have brought them here even though it did save their lives.

The plot is not complex, it is basically a group trying to get the heroes and the rest of the humans off the artificial planet that they invaded. The villains have changed or at least been further revealed but it is still a continuation of the last issue. But whereas in that one it was intelligence that won the day in this issue it was shown that strength and raw power have their place as well.

In the end this was another strong and enjoyable issue. I really wish they would make this an ongoing series. I would certainly be getting everyone and, if the same team was involved, I would probably like them all.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again tomorrow.

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