Wolverine News: Film Critics Sharpening Their Claws…

We are only days away from ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ debuting in theaters nationwide and the movie reviews are starting to pour in.

And it doesn’t look good for ‘Wolverine’…

Reuters: Film Critics Take Sharp Claws to ‘Wolverine’ (details)
RottenTomatoes: Is Wolverine Marvelous? (details | 20 Reviews – Tomatometer at 41%)
CBR: Flawed, but Fun (details)

That said, I am still reserving my judgement until I see it on Friday. But I will go in with lessened expectations, and trying to find the positive instead of the negative.

A fairly tough task for a curmudgeon like me…

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15 years ago

I know. After counting down for years for this, it’s an utter disappointment that this movie is not going to turn out to be the epic that it could have been.

I wonder how long it will be until Wolvie gets bumped back to Marvel. :(

15 years ago

Yeah. Surprisingly though, a lot of fans who never touched a Wolverine comic before, really liked this movie.

I can’t really trust what critics have to say because of the harsh treatment they gave the Watchmen.

15 years ago

I saw it myself and i thought it was ok, not what i expected, but it was allright nonetheless. In fact it got mewanting to see the X-men movies again haha.
I give it a 75-80 %

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