X-Men: The Animated Series DVD Review

X-Men Animated DVD coverThe X-Men cartoon, better known as X-Men: The Animated Series, has finally been released on DVD.

Debuting in 1992, X-Men brought a new generation of viewers to the X-Men universe, and deservedly so, as this is a pretty good show.

The series is deeply steeped in actual X-Men lore, from Days of Future Past (in this collection) to the Phoenix Saga (in the next), and does a terrific job touching even the remotest of storylines.

And Cal Dodd is tremendous as Wolverine, getting several classic lines per episode.

While you won’t find any DVD extras, you will find 16 episodes in the first box set for only $17.99 (at Amazon.com) which is a pretty good deal.

  • Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)
  • Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)
  • Enter Magneto
  • Deadly Reunions
  • Captive Hearts
  • Cold Vengeance
  • Slave Island
  • The Unstoppable Juggernaut
  • The Cure
  • Come The Apocalypse
  • Days Of Future Past (Part 1)
  • Days Of Future Past (Part 2)
  • The Final Decision
  • Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1)
  • Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2)
  • Whatever It Takes

X-Men Animated DVD coverThe second collection is an even better deal with 17 episodes, again sans extras, for $17.99 (again at Amazon.com) including the stunning five-part Phoenix Saga.

  • Red Dawn
  • Repo Man
  • X-Ternally Yours
  • Time Fugitives (Part 1)
  • Time Fugitives (Part 2)
  • A Rogue’s Tale
  • Beauty & The Beast
  • Mojo Vision
  • Reunion (Part 1)
  • Reunion (Part 2)
  • Out of the Past (Part 1)
  • Out of the Past (Part 2)
  • The Phoenix Saga (Part 1): Sacrifice
  • The Phoenix Saga (Part 2): The Dark Shroud
  • The Phoenix Saga (Part 3): Cry of the Banshee
  • The Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Starjammers
  • The Phoenix Saga (Part 5): Child of Light

So if you’ve never seen this series, there is no better time to start watching, and if like most of us you loved it the first time, this is a great way to get reacquainted.

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15 years ago

i loved the show as a kid and watch some epi’s still on youtube.
though you have to admit, there weren’t any students on the show despite it being called a insittute.

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