Wolverine Files Update XXXVII: Twittering MySpace

As you have undoubtedly noticed, chronology updates have slowed down quite a bit as I’ve  spent more time on some personal writing projects, but I did want to share a few updates on the site…

-Wolverine Files on  MySpace: Please add us as a friend if you use MySpace. I would really like to connect with the readers here!
-Wolverine Files on  Twitter: Not sure I’m sold on Twitter, but if you use it, please follow us while we bang the tires…
Wolverine Files Forums: Check out the fun. We have some interesting discussions ongoing and have cracked the 50 member mark. Not much I know, but we do have over 1200 posts!

As for the chronology, I have added ‘New Avengers: Illuminati #1’ to 021: Department H and Weapon X and am rewriting chapter 024 (The Wolverine) as well as adding recent comics to the existing chapters (‘X-Men Origins: Sabretooth’ and ‘Manifest Destiny: Wolverine’)…

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