Wolverine News: New Trailer, Loads of Interviews…

A new trailer for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, new photos from Marvel.com and a nice upgrade to the official website

In Wolverine Comic Book News
MySpace: Daniel Way talks ‘Wolverine: Origins’
CBR: From Jason Aaron on ‘Wolverine: Weapon X’
Marvel: Peter David on ‘Wolverine: First Class’
Marvel: Exclusive Wolverine/Punisher Digicomic

Probable Wolverine Appearances in stores on 3/11/09
Astonishing Tales #2 (preview): Wolverine, the Punisher and Predator X, Part II…
X-Men Noir #4 (preview): Miniseries finale…
Marvel Spotlight: Wolverine (details): The overexposure of Wolverine continues here…
Official Marvel Index to Marvel Universe #3 (details): More X-Men chronology…

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15 years ago

2009 – 70 = 1939.

1939 – 1892 (an estimation of Logan birth) = 47 years old.

That’s what it took to Logan to learn the difference between good and bad. At least it’s what D. Way thinks. But at the end this is funny because when Wolverine Origins will be finished, i seriously doubt any writer will follow on D. Way tracks.

15 years ago

From myspace interview with D. Way. JM: Now Wolverine turns into Dark Wolverine with #75. What’s the change? Stump for that project, pal. DW: Well, an argument could be made as to if there was ever a “Light Wolverine” to start with. But the big change is that this is the Wolverine in Dark Avengers. Logan has gone underground and this is his son, Daken, who’s in. And he’s the fox in the henhouse. It’s a similar mutant ability and the same costume on the outside, but a whole new animal on the inside. It’s difficult in that this is… Read more »

15 years ago

I think he’s refering to Daken rather than to Wolverine, in this context.
I agree with you, I think he’s taken stories with a lot of potential and ruined them (Personal opinion don’t slaughter me).
On an related note, can’t wait for the Wolverine movie, but is Cyclops meant to be in it?

15 years ago

I really get the impression from the D. Way interview that this guy really doesn’t “get” Logan, or simply doesn’t really like the character, or sees the character as “old hat” and in need of a redefinition. And created Daken as his redefinition/ idea of what Logan should “really” be like….oooooh. “…not tied down by any morality.” What…sounds like Daken is just another Sabertooth, then?

15 years ago

DF… you are dead on…

This is the quote of the year, “This is like catching Wolverine 60-70 years ago, before he had any thought of doing the right thing, or applying a morality that he’s learned over the years.”

I cannot disagree more vehemently.

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