Classic Wolverine Cover: Wolverine #4 (Limited Series)

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Where is the cover to Wolverine #3 (Limited Series), you ask?

Well, the short answer is it’s you’re going to have to scroll down for that. The longer answer is that the cover just didn’t work for me in the same way the first two did.

And for that matter, it didn’t match up to the tremendous cover for Wolverine #4 (Limited Series) by Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein

Wolverine Covers: Wolverine #4 Limited Series

And while we are wrapping up the Wolverine Limited Series, let me remind folks out that continuity was so important in comics back in 1982 and 1983, that Wolverine didn’t appear in Uncanny X-Men for three months to make the chronology work just right. And for two of those months, Wolverine didn’t appear in a single comic.

Can you imagine?

Two whole months without a single Wolverine appearance.

Next up is the promised cover to issue #3 by Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein. Not a bad cover. Just not iconic enough to make my list of truly classic Wolverine covers…

Wolverine Covers: Wolverine #3 Limited Series

However, the final panel of Wolverine #4 (Limited Series), also by Frank Miller, Josef Rubinstein and someone by the name of Chris Claremont, is as shocking a moment as I have ever had reading comics…

Wolverine Covers: Wolverine #4 Limited Series final panel

Wolverine getting married?

That may have been the single most unexpected panel I’ve ever read.

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15 years ago

Oh my god!…Makes wanna attend the wedding (and I usually find weddings dreadfully dull)!

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