Classic Wolverine Cover: Wolverine #2 (Limited Series)

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You don’t get much more iconic than the cover from Wolverine #2 (Limited Series) by Frank Miller and Josef Rubinstein

Wolverine Covers: Wolverine #2 Limited Series

And for those of us who read this series as it came out in 1982, the following by Chris Claremont from the trade paperback collection sums up our feelings about Wolverine pretty well…

I told him (Frank Miller) the idea that had been swirling around in my skull for some time — that the essence of Wolvie’s character was a ‘failed samurai.’ To samurai, duty is all, selfless service the path to their ultimate ambition, death with grace. Every facet, every moment of their lives, is absolutely under control. Wolverine, however, is almost a primal life force totally beyond control, as graceless as can be. The one might be considered the ultimate expression of humanity — wherein the will, the intellect, totally overmaster all other aspects of existence — while the other is total animal.

First up is my favorite Frank Miller rendering of Wolverine and one of my top five favorite Wolverine panel of all time, at least until someone by the name of John Cassaday started working on Astonishing X-Men. If I could only find it without the horrible color blotches!

Wolverine pose by Frank Miller

As for the trade paperback, such collections were quite rare in the 1980s due to the strength and profitability of the back issue market. So when this limited series was finally collected as a trade paperback some five years later in 1987, Frank Miller provided the following cover to match his new Dark Knight Returns art style…

Wolverine TPB cover

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