Wolverine News: ‘Hulk vs. Wolverine’ Clip for Christmas

What a wonderful treat for Christmas — the Hulk beating the living tar out of Wolverine in the latest clip from Hulk vs. Wolverine

More Wolverine News…
– From Newsarama.com, Daniel Way talks ‘Wolverine: Origins’.
– From ComicBookResources.com, Daniel Way expounds even more on ‘Origins’

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15 years ago

Doug Braithwaite is working on Origins? That’s great news.

Plus I love this bit :

“The point of ‘Origins’ isn’t to demystify the character or to lay out in flat terms that this happened here or that happened there. This is a story that’s unfolding based on previous continuity, but the ultimate goal is to put all the old stuff to rest, so everyone can start telling new Wolverine stories.”

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