Weapon X: First Class #1 Review: Making the Grade

Weapon X: First Class #1 coverWeapon X: First Class #1
“Don’t Look Back in Anger”
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Artist: Mark Robinson; Inker: Robert Campanella

“The Recruit”
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Artist: Tim Seeley

I must admit that I read this issue with some trepidation. Was the Weapon X storyline going to be dumbed down for the sake of an all ages audience? Would continuity (as confusing as it is) be ignored for the sake of fresh revelations?

Well, I am happy to report that Marc Sumerak very deftly (and respectfully) delves into Wolverine’s past, using Professor Xavier to peer into Logan’s maze of confusing memories around the time Kitty Pryde first joined the X-Men.

All in all, a very strong first issue that leaves me wanting more. Can’t really ask for more than that.

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From Marvel (preview): “Long before his memories were restored, the X-Man known as Wolverine spent years seeking to unlock the mysteries of his past. Some of those memories were best left forgotten. Join Charles Xavier as he journeys deep into Wolverine’s mind on a quest for answers that will shed new light on one of the darkest periods of Logan’s life — his days in the Weapon X program! It’s a brand-new look at the horrifying history of Marvel’s most prominent mutant!

PLUS: Each issue features a 10-page back-up story featuring an important player from Wolverine’s past! First up, an untold tale of Wolvie’s arch-nemesis, the mutant madman known as Sabretooth! ” On sale November 5, 2008.

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