Wolverine TV: X-Men 10 – Come the Apocalypse

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #12…

Come the Apocalypse, the tenth episode of the X-Men animated series, aired on February 27, 1993, continuing the season-long storyline, this time focusing on Apocalypse, Archangel and the rest of the Four Horsemen.

Best Wolverine line comes in response to Cyclops’ admonition about not hurting civilians, “Sure Cyke, I’ll try not to bruise’em while I’m saving their lives.”

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DiG, what has happened with these YouTube presentations? Nothing seems to be available anymore after “Night of the Sentinels.” Even the most recent (11/05) X-Men cartoon you posted is “sorry, not available.” I was looking forward to watching these. Thanks, anyway, and as always, your website is tremendous!



Looks like Marvel forced YouTube to remove all the X-Men cartoons.

This wouldn’t bother me if Marvel would release the damn series on DVD.

Oh, well!


When I last checked, Most are availible at veoh.com. you have to download thier player, but you can find them there.


It seems they only have season one episodes in Polish.

Really. Polish.

Have you tried TV Links ?