Wolverine Week-in-Review: Original Sin and Secret Invasion

Aside from Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 (see review), Wolverine appeared in two other issues this week (October 22, 2008)…

Secret Invasion #7 coverSecret Invasion #7 (no preview)
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu; Inker: Mark Morales

The penultimate issue arrives and after seven months of back story, red herrings and build up, we finally get the battle we’ve all been waiting for. And by the time I was finished, all I could think was, is that it?

It’s not a bad battle. It’s pretty good actually. But after all this waiting, I just expected something startling, something jaw dropping.

So I think I speak for everyone when I say, Secret Invasion #8 had better deliver. After eight months, after hijacking half the books in the Marvel Universe, this better be the greatest finale ever written.

Other than that, no pressure.

X-Men: Legacy #217 (preview)
Writer: Mike Carey
Penciler: Scot Eaton; Inker: Andrew Hennessy

Daken takes center stage in Original Sin, Part Two, and frankly, I haven’t warmed up to him at all. Wolverine gets some action, but there isn’t a whole lot there beyond what we got in the preview. Much like Secret Invasion, here is yet another Marvel storyline that is getting overly dragged out.

Part III comes next week in Wolverine: Origins #29. Can’t wait? Check out this sneak preview.

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12 years ago

Not only have I not warmed to him, I think they need to put that “kung-fu hippy from gangsta city” down. I just don’t have any interest in him as a character and you’re right, the role Xavier seems to be playing in Origin reeks of the Ultimate story line. By-the-way, I love your site and your reviews. Please keep them coming.

12 years ago

I’m a paying customer too, so I think I should add in my two cents. I remember back when the Ultimate storyline was heavily influenced by the 616 universe. I don’t think they were ever completely two different story lines. There was little tweaks and alteration here and there, but never so much that they felt like two completely different stories. And yest I have over 16 different volumes of Ultimate trade paperbacks for my daughter. For me the Origins story line is all about free will and what can happen to a individual when free will is taking away.… Read more »

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