Classic Wolverine Covers: X-Men #112

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X-Men #112, from August 1978, features one of the earliest of the truly classic Wolverine covers. For years, I assumed it was by John Byrne, but recently I realized it was, in fact, by George Perez (pencils) and Bob Layton (inks). D’oh!

Wolverine Covers: X-Men #112

Next up is my favorite panel from the issue by Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne and Terry Austin, wherein the entire X-Men team holds Wolverine back, trying desperately to stop him from eviscerating Magneto…

X-Men #112 panel cover

I always thought they should have let Wolverine go…

Since there aren’t a lot of extras this time around, I thought we should show a little love to the previous month’s cover, X-Men #111 by Dave Cockrum and Terry Austin depicting “Wolverine: Killer beast in human form!” Jon Bogdanove and Terry Austin did the honors for the reprint in Classic X-Men #17

X-Men #111 cover Classic X-Men #17 panel cover

Last but not least is the humorous frontispiece by Jon Bogdanove and Terry Austin from the same issue…

Classic X-Men #17 panel cover

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Glenn Selser
15 years ago

This was one of my favorite issues as a kid. Everyone, Byrne and Clairmont, were at the top of their game. I only noticed the cover was not Byrne because at the same time I was a drooling Perez fan.
Just a great issue overall and really made you respect Magneto as a villian (I think he was a baby before this, stupppid)

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