Wolverine News: ‘Original Sins’ Sneak Peek

Wolverine: Origins #28 promo

Wolverine News
Wolverine: Origins Sneak Peak: Prologue to ‘Original Sins’ comes out September 24th with sneak preview art above…

Probable Wolverine Appearances This Week
-New Exiles #11 (Preview): Hydra Wolverine vs. Exiles Sabretooth.
-Secret Invasion #6 (preview): Wolverine appearance confirmed.
-Ultimate Origins #4 (Preview): Ditto.
-Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual (Preview): Future Ultimate Wolverine.
-Wolverine: Saudade (Preview): European import by Jean-David Morvan and Phillipe Bouchet

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12 years ago

I’m so excited ! Do you happen to know when X-Men: Original Sin starts ? Is it coming out in October ? I can’t wait. Now I have to force my comic book store to add X-Men Legacy and X-Men Original Sin to my reserve list.

:D :D :D

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