Marvel: Your Universe Saga #1 Review: Recap by Uatu

X-Force #6 cover

Marvel: Your Universe Saga #1
Cover: Tom Raney
Writer: Madison Carter

I missed this free recap of the Marvel universe last week.

As you can see, Wolverine graces a very cool cover by Tom Raney, and the summary of events by Uatu the Watcher is most welcome for those like me who do not read every comic in the Marvel Universe.

Make sure to ask your local comic book store for a copy next time you’re in.

From Marvel: “Featuring a complete look at the major Marvel events of the last five years, as narrated by Watcher, this is your chance to catch up on everything! Is it all connected? What’s next? These answers and more arrive in Marvel: Your Universe! Plus, Marvel: Your Universe contains preview material from the new Marvel Handbook hardcovers along with never-before-seen handbook material! And did we mention that this 32 page must-read comic is absolutely free? That’s right True Believers, Marvel: Your Universe is your guide to comics’ most popular universe and absolutely free! ” On sale August 27, 2008.

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15 years ago

Thanks Dig. If it wasn’t for you, I would of missed this.

Thanks buddy !

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