Wolverine #68 Review: Old Man Logan Meets Zatoichi

Wolverine #68 coverWolverine #68
‘Old Man Logan, Part 3’
Writer: Mark Millar
Penciler: Steve McNiven; Inker: Dexter Vines

Having reread all three issues so far of this 8-issue epic story, I get the sense (even stronger than before) that Mark Millar is writing more about his vision of a dark and depressing future in the Marvel Universe than he is about Wolverine.

Wolverine is a passenger, quite literally, on this journey.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been an enjoyable journey. It has.

And certainly this latest issue has raised the stakes quite considerably.

But this is not a Wolverine story. At least not yet.

And due to the intermittent publishing schedule, we will have to wait until November to find out if it will be.

From Marvel (preview): “’50 years after the super heroes died, WOLVERINE and the blind archer, HAWKEYE, continue their journey across a ruined America. Next stop: Cedar City, Utah—home of the man who killed Magneto: the all-new, all-different KINGPIN! And he isn’t about to let Logan and Hawkeye pass without paying the toll… Plus: the secret of Hawkeye’s daughter is revealed! The biggest WOLVERINE story of the century by the best-selling creative team of the millennium continues! PART 3 (of 8).” On sale August 27, 2008.

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15 years ago

Yeah, but you are forgetting the cliffhanger we are given at the end of this issue. Logan is definitely going to start getting his hands dirty. If anything this has been a excellent build up to something that is most likely going to be spectacular. This whole issue had my adrenaline pumping, I love this story arc so much. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying this too Dig !!

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