Secret Invasion #5 Review: The Counterattack

Secret Invasion #5 coverSecret Invasion #5
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Leinil Yu; Inker: Mark Morales

This is easily the best issue of ‘Secret Invasion’ yet.

Things happen. Lots of things.

All of which build nicely to a rousing counteroffensive by the Earth heroes.

Very well done.

Unfortunately, the strength of this issue also serves to reinforce just how overly long and bloated this event has become.

‘Secret Invasion’ should have been four issues in duration, maybe five at the most. But eight issues — eight months! — has resulted in interminable flashbacks and pointless padding that have not only sucked the life out of this series, but also out of the Marvel universe as a whole.

As for Wolverine, he cameos in the Savage Land in a subplot that is as brazenly vacuous as we feared.

Oh, and don’t waste your time on ‘Secret Invasion: X-Men’ #1. Despite the pronouncements that this issue stars “ALL THE X-MEN. YUP. ALL OF THEM,” Wolverine fails to appear.

From Marvel: “Embrace change. With these two words the Skrull Empire declares their intentions to the entire Marvel Universe. Embrace change. With these two words thousands and thousands of comic fans who have declared Secret Invasion the comic book blockbuster of the summer brace themselves for the shocking changes that are about to happen to their favorite characters and institutions. Embrace change, True Believer, because change is coming!” On sale August 13, 2008.

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15 years ago

It said in interviews for ages wolves wouldnt be in SI:X-MEN he couldnt appear in both simultaneously. The opposite happened in world war hulk.

It was safe to assume it wont include anyone who is dead or a member of a more important team

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