Wolverine: Killing Made Simple Review: Death by Cholesterol?

Wolverine: Killing Made Simple coverWolverine: Killing Made Simple
‘Killing Wolverine Made Simple’
Writer: Christopher Yost
Penciler: Koi Turnbull; Inker: Sal Regla

‘Disturbing Consequences’
Writer: Todd Dezago
Pencils: Steve Kurth; Inks: Serge LaPointe

‘Killing Wolverine Made Simple’ isn’t a bad story. It just fails to live up to the inherent hype of the title.

The first way to kill our favorite mutant? Take away his healing ability and let him die of metal poisoning.

Metal poisoning.

Is that really how we kick off something like this?

Let’s be honest, every time Wolverine has lost his healing ability, he hasn’t exactly keeled over instantaneously.

What’s next, death by high cholesterol?

The second story, ‘Disturbing Consequences,’ isn’t bad, either. Wolverine meets John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ with a dash of zombies.

One hopes, though, that we are near the end of these interminable Wolverine one-shots for while this isn’t a dreadful collection of stories, it’s nothing spectacular either.

From Marvel (preview): “Wolverine’s hard to kill, sure—but if one guy knows how to do it…it’s WOLVERINE himself! X-FORCE co-writer Christopher Yost and superstar Koi Turnbull have all the answers as Wolverine faces down NANNY and ORPHAN-MAKER and lets former NEW X-MEN member TRANCE in on all his secrets… And in a special bonus tale, TELLOS writer Todd Dezago and NEWUNIVERSAL’s Steve Kurth send Logan to the Arctic Circle, and show us that there’s always one more way to die…” On sale August 6, 2008.

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15 years ago

I enjoyed it. Like you said it wasn’t as epic as this months “Wolverine : First Class”, but it was bad either. At least it addressed the numerous complaints Logan gets for his healing factor. And it kind of pulled a “retcon” ” that Logan can’t survive too much damage, like what was stated in that awful Annual and Civil War story arc. Now people can stop saying Logan is immortal.

15 years ago

I’ve been looking around for reviews of this comic, and no one seems to address the fact that Wolvie is about to kill Trance at the end of the first story. What? What’s that about?

15 years ago

I think that was Wolvie’s dark humor and bad writing.

He wasn’t really going to kill her for asking for a costume. The entire story was cheesy and Logan was overly dramatic.

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