Review: Secret Invasion Saga

Secret Invasion Saga #1 coverSecret Invasion Saga
Writer: John Rhett Thomas
Artist: Various

Skrull-Wolverine graces the cover of this somewhat verbose recap of Skrull history within the Marvel universe in anticipation of the much-dreaded Secret Invasion crossover by Brian Michael Robert Thomas Bendis.

Interestingly, while this book gathers enormous amounts of information old and new, there is nary a mention of the Skrull who impersonated Wolverine during the Wolverine-dies-but-not-
villain-Death storyline.

From Marvel: “The Secret Invasion has been underway for years. For how long and to what extent, Tony Stark is not sure, but there is one thing he does know: Now is not the time for complacency. Following hot on the heels of the stunning revelation that Skrulls have been masquerading as Elektra and Black Bolt, Stark puts his best data-mining technology to the test to piece together their treacherous plot. From their first encounter with the Fantastic Four, through the epic clash of the Kree/Skrull War and the destruction of the Skrull Throne world, all the way to the recent Annihilation War and subsequent invasion of Earth, the timeline of known Skrull activity is made clear so effective battle plans can be drawn. With the Classified Top Secret Secret Invasion Saga report, the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. must leave no stone unturned in his analysis of this insidious enemy’s history: The fate of the Earth will depend on it!” On sale March 5, 2008.

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Wolf Spider
12 years ago

this issue was given away for free with every purchase at my local comic book stores. i have four copies and i still start to doze off about four pages into it every time. i don’t know if that says it’s a good little one-shot or not. i mean, i always fall asleep during Star Wars and that’s a…uh…relatively popular movie series. i’m just saying there should probably have been something there to keep me awake.

Wolf Spider
12 years ago

and i should add that i don’t give a crap about skrulls. at all. nor will i probably ever. and does anybody but me care to know where the REAL Elektra is right now?

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