Review: Penance: Relentless #5

Penance: Relentless #5 coverPenance: Relentless #5
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Paul Gulacy

I’ve never been much of a Paul Jenkins fan. I didn’t like ‘Wolverine: Origin.’ I didn’t like ‘Wolverine: The End.’ And I don’t like ‘Penance: Relentless.’

Sure, the story deals with the psychological trauma that Robbie Baldwin (Speedball) endures after the events of Stamford where 612 people were killed. But as is the case with most of Jenkins’ stories, it is handled in an overly melodramatic way. And while our hero seems to take a moral stance against the death penalty, he seems to have no problems with cruel and unusual punishment.

So why I am telling you about this in ‘Wolverine Files’?

Well, Wolverine makes a two-page cameo. A two-page cameo that reveals a heretofore unknown detail about Wolverine.

Wolverine’s cowl does not cover his ears.


From Marvel: “It’s the endgame for Robbie Baldwin as he finds what he has been looking for in Latveria. Can Robbie defeat Nitro, the man who set him on the path to becoming Penance? Or does Penance have something other than just winning a fight in mind?” On sale March 5, 2008.

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