Review: Marvel Zombies 2 #3

Marvel Zombies 2 #3 coverMarvel Zombies 2 #3
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Sean Phillips

‘Marvel Zombies’ used to be one of my favorites series.

Good ghoulish, zombie fun. No morality play. Just lots of superhero zombies eating as many people as they could.

But ‘Marvel Zombies 2’ seeks to explore the humanity of zombies. That the most heroic of spirits can control their cannibalistic urges.

An interesting approach, but one that takes the fun out of it, for me at least.

Because if Black Panther, Wasp, Spider-Man and Luke Cage can control their urges, then the rest of the zombie superheroes are weak-willed killers who have fallen prey to their weaknesses.

To put it another way, this plot point suggests that almost every Marvel superhero, when faced with enough adversity, will show that they are, in fact, not heroes at all.

And a morality play is not what I was hoping to get from a comic book about superhero zombies.

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16 years ago

You think Wolverine would resist something like this too. They should of kept the dark humor and left it that way. (Like in Army of Darkness vs Marvel Zombies)

Wolf Spider
16 years ago

meh. Wolvie may or may not. he’s got a lot of humanity in him but it’s really just because he’s human…ish. i think, if he somehow became a zombie (where’d his damn healing factor go, anyway?), he would just accept what he is and it’d be survival first. he’s too much of a pragmatist to still have that honorable side of him in that particular event. he’d probably switch sides if an alternative were presented though. who knows?

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