Review: Wolverine: Firebreak

Wolverine: Firebreak coverWolverine: Firebreak
Writer: Mike Carey
Penciler: Scott Kolins

Nothing special here.

Feels like a filler story for Wolverine that never got used.

Pedestrian story by Mike Carey, and artwork by Scott Kolins that sometimes looks like it was inked by Allen Milgrom.

“Little White Lies”
Writer: Macon Blair; Artist: Vasilis Lolos

A very weird ten-page backup story features disturbing artwork by Lolos and an offbeat story by Blair. Very funky.



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Wolf Spider
16 years ago

Heh heh. “Funky”. With the way the two ongoing series have been this year, I’ll gladly take any one-shot Wolverine story and smile.

16 years ago

^— Someone must of been listening , cause now we have Wolverine First Class and Logan #1 coming out. XD

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