Review: Wolverine: Origins #20

Wolverine: Origins #20Wolverine: Origins #20
“Our War, Conclusion”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Steve Dillion

Another arc in this series is now finished, so I can pass judgment with being reprimanded for judging a storyline before it’s over.

I hated it.

I know what your thinking. Hey, don’t hold back.

This series has taken the fun out of Wolverine’s background. And not by revealing too much of his past.

Logan used to be a heroic figure in World War II, albeit one with a chip on his shoulder. This story reveals him to be thoroughly dislikable, dishonorable and a weasel.

We grew up liking Wolverine because he was a failed samurai who never stopped trying to become a better man. It was his indomitable spirit and will that we admired. Did he kill? Did he do things that were wrong? Sure. But he did them because he believed they were the right thing to do at the time. That sometimes, assassination is necessary. That sometimes killing is necessary for the greater good.

But in this series, Daniel Way has reduced Logan to a traitorous pawn who would betray anyone simply because he is told to. Shockingly, he seems no different than the Nazis running concentration camps, claiming simply to be ‘following orders.’

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Wolf Spider
16 years ago

[This is lengthy. Sorry. I’ve been a huge Wolverine fan since i was 6 years old reading the Clarmont stories in “X-Men Classic” and have read an enormous degree of Wolverine-related material since. I have a tattoo on my right arm in the brown costume from the 80’s. I frequent this site and it’s put a lot of things into perspective for me. oh, and i swear to god, i DO have a life.] Very good point. I agree whole-heartedly that this, as well as just about every Wolverine or Origins arc since ‘Origins and Endings’ (which I enjoyed before… Read more »

16 years ago

I’m disappointed with the conclusion of this arc, I didn’t have any problems with the whole story, it’s okay with me, but the conclusion doesn’t have any meaning with what comes after between Wolverine and Captain America.

How can Captain America have even a little bit of confidence in Wolverine if he betrayed Cap to the Nazis? It doesn’t work for me.

Wolf Spider
16 years ago

that didn’t make sense to me either. especially not since they have already been shown fighting together later in the war. the only way i can figure it is that Cap heard Logan say “but i didn’t tell them about Bucky” and later assumed that Logan selling them out was a ploy to get Bucky close to Baron Zemo to take HIM out. that’s the only way it can make sense to me. i try not to let myself think past that.

16 years ago

I would like to agree Wolf Spider , and hope Daniel Way brings the entire story together. Obviously there was the person who stole his son (Romulus?) , and that’s a big loose end that will be wrapped up before this is all over with. (Hopefully.) So I’m waiting until it’s all over with before I pass my own judgment. I really like the two reviews that were given here. And I humbly agree that this site has opened my eyes to Wolverine’s back story. Woot for Typing Monkeys. xD

Wolf Spider
16 years ago

^ i’m almost entirely sure that was Romulus. he was there with Sabretooth and he’s pretty much Romulus’s second hand man. and, if not, the only thing that matters is that Romulus was giving the orders. and it should be interesting when Logan’s son, Daken (who was raised by Romulus) finds out about him giving the order to kill his mom, Itsu. Way’s already set up a confrontation between Winter Soldier and Daken. whenever that happens, the shiza should hit the fan seeing as to how *gasp!* Bucky was the one that pulled the trigger!

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