Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (09/19/07)

Mini-reviews of all Wolverine appearances in stores on 09/19/07.

-Wolverine: Origins #17 (Preview | Preview 2): I am amazed that no one, including Daniel Way it seems, realizes that the Devil’s Brigade was an actual World War II commando unit. It had nothing to do with World War I. It was a Canadian-American unit designated as the 1st Special Service Force and was activated on July 20, 1942. Doesn’t anyone do research anymore? See Wikipedia for more details. And the continued unveiling of Wolverine’s past as mere melodrama orchestrated by Romulus, to my eyes, has cheapened his past considerably.
-Marvel Adventures The Avengers #16 (Cover):
Another dreadful issue. Who, other than Wolverine completists, are supposed to be buying this crap?
-World War Hulk: Frontline #4 (Preview):
Cover appearance only.

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