Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (09/12/07)

Mini-reviews of all Wolverine appearances in stores on 09/12/07.

-New Avengers #34 (Preview): I am not a fan of this Skrull storyline at all. And while I like Leinil Yu in general, his inking on New Avengers is too heavy and the coloring is overpowering (especially the overwhelming use of red on the inside of the eyelids).
-New Avengers/Transformers #3 (Preview):
This series is getting dumber by the issue.
-Ultimate X-Men #86 (Preview):
It being Ultimate week, I reread the last few story arcs of Ultimate X-Men. Kirkman is a terrific comedy writer, but his run on the X-Men has been fairly pedestrian (aside from the inspired Ultimate Cable). This series is simply meandering, the characters don’t feel unique and the villains weren’t that interesting when they first appeared in the regular Marvel universe. Hopefully the planned Ultimate Universe makeover will give this series new life.
-Ultimate Power #7 (Preview):
Jeph Loeb takes over writing duties and Wolverine reappears (finally). This series would probably be a lot better if it were shorter and came out at a better clip. Nine issues over a year is way too long for a mini-series.
-X-Factor #23 (Preview):
Brief flashback cameo in “Endangered Species” backup.

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