Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (06/06/07)

Mini-reviews of new Wolverine appearances in comic stores on 06/06/07:

-Hulk and Power Pack #4 (Cover): Minor Wolverine cameo, though the back of his head on the cover is very cool.
Scott P. agrees with my assessment of recent Wolverine and Wolverine: Origins issues,

“I have experienced the same unidentified distaste for the current Wolverine storylines. As I read your epiphany on issues 50 thru 54, the light bulb glowed above my head as well. You are 100% correct. The talent is there but the output is highly disappointing and aggravating! In fact, I’m getting really disgusted at how Wolverine is being treated by Marvel overall. Wolverine: Origins is a disgrace; writing and art through and through. When Joe Quesada has been questioned on the lack of a long term creative team on any of the Wolverine books, he’s laughed it off. Why are they bent on destroying one of their flagship characters? And they are eliminating one of the most loved and interesting characteristics about the character; his mysterious past. I’m not even going to start on variant covers and senseless guest appearances.”

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