Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (05/31/07)

Mini-reviews of new Wolverine appearances in comic stores on 06/20/07:

-Wolverine #54 (Preview): I’ve been trying to figure out why I am not enjoying this storyline. Jeph Loeb is a very good writer and Simone Bianchi has done some terrific pages. And I think I finally hit upon it in this issue: Jeph Loeb is not taking Wolverine seriously. The writing is sloppy (the excessive cursing, “cute” dialogue, over-the-top declarations), the pacing is dreadful (six issues to tell a three issue storyline), and despite a series of excessively confusing flashbacks, nothing really has happened. And don’t get me started with lupine evolution (let’s see, we have seven examples of unrelated lupine mutation, they must be a new species evolved from wolves!) And to top it all off, the final issue isn’t due until 7/25.
–X-23: Target X #6 (Preview): X-23’s first encounter with Wolverine.
–New Avengers: Illuminati #3 (Preview): Secret Wars flashback with Wolverine cameo.

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